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Gold; the new store of value.

Acre is the new, easier, more affordable way to buy Gold.


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Don't break the bank, start buying Gold for just $50 per month (PS, we also have a $100 and $250 option).

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We'll update you on your Gold stash as you make progress.

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Once your Gold stash reaches the price of our Acre Gold Bars, we'll discreetly ship your Gold.

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You can easily cancel or modify your Acre plan to suit your needs.

Acre Gold (2.5G) - $50 per month subscription
Acre Gold (2.5G) - $50 per month subscription
Acre Gold (2.5G) - $50 per month subscription
Acre Gold (2.5G) - $50 per month subscription

Acre Gold (2.5G) - $50 per month subscription

$50.00 Regular price $199.00

Meet the new store of value. Timeless, thoughtfully designed, and assured to retain value in a way that cash never will. An excellent weight for a first time Gold buyer or for the pro who likes to accumulate their Gold over time, our Gold 2.5 gram bars are tasteful and refined, with a modern design and mirror-like finish.

How the subscription works:

Pay $50 per month, which will accumulate until your account reaches the price of a 2.5g Acre Gold Bar. We'll ship you the Gold bar every time your account hits the price threshold (less our shipping and fulfillment fee) and credit any remainder to your next Gold bar. There's a one-time upfront membership fee of $12. Passive savings into a safe asset. 

Bar Highlights:

Each bar bears an authenticity certifying assay card in tamper evident packaging, offering protection and quality you can trust for each bar.

  • Contains 2.5¬†gram (0.0881¬†oz) of .9999 fine Gold.
  • Individual bars are presented in a sealed protective assay package that lists the weight and authentication of the bar by the assayer.
  • Obverse: Features a single stamped Acre logo along with weight and purity.
  • Reverse: Features the Acre logo in a pattern¬†stamped in simple perfection.
  • Each bar comes in a premium, soft touch box with a display drawer.
 *"retained value" refers to the market value of Gold now and in the future

Want to spend more?

We're pleased to offer a $100 per month subscription that will send a larger 5g Gold bar straight to your doorstep.



What our customers are saying...

Joe G.

Acre Customer

"I have been wanting to invest in gold but never had the money to do so with previous options. This is a great way for people with not alot of extra cash to spare to be able to get in on something that could give big gains in the end."

Jesus T.

Acre Customer

"Acre gold is a great way to invest in gold with their monthly subscriptions. They are also very helpful when it comes to the monthly payments."

Dan H.

Acre Customer

"I bought Acre Gold because it's a safe bet over the long haul, and an easier way to save."

Meredith D.

Acre Customer

"Gold is a good hedge against what I perceive as a lot of uncertainty right now. I also like the tangible nature of being able to feel the weight of my savings in my hand."

Zachary H.

Acre Customer

‚ÄúI've been very pleased with your service and can't wait to receive my first shipment and show my friends and family. Thank you.‚Ä̬†

It's finally here!

Our much anticipated 10g bars have arrived! $250 per month subscription.

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Subscribe for less than you spend on coffee.

Don't get us wrong, we love coffee, BUT, we also love holding physical Gold and knowing that it's value is real and long lasting.

Something real for your people.

Gold is an asset that retains value (regardless of what's going on in the world) and a tangible investment you can pass on or share with loved ones.

Highest Quality Gold

Our Gold is designed in California and minted in Switzerland -- and is of the highest quality, with 99.9% Gold purity.

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January 2019

Introducing Acre Gold

Acre is a new way to buy Gold that lets you subscribe over time and get started for as little as $30 per month. We're backed by Science Inc., who previously backed Dollar Shave Club. 

February 2019

Mint #1 Issued

Acre introduces the all-new, innovative way to buy 2.5 gram branded Gold bars for just $30 a month. Timeless, thoughtfully designed, and guaranteed to retain value.

June 2019

$50 / Month Plans Available

Instead of paying $30 per month for your Gold, we've introduced a $50 per month subscription to get your Gold faster and more regularly.

September 2020

5g Gold Bars Introduced

Acre introduces the all-new, innovative way to buy 5 gram branded Gold bars for just $100 a month. 

October 2021

10g Gold Bars Available

It's finally here, Acre's much anticipated 10g Gold bars available for $250 per month subscription.

"The Golden Bullet"

999.9 pure 24k Gold, handcrafted in the USA.

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