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A Complete Guide for How to Start Investing in Gold

A Complete Guide for How to Start Investing in Gold

Investing in gold and similar assets can help you balance your portfolio. It can also act as a hedge to help you protect your savings from unforeseeable economic fluctuations like inflation. These are just a few examples of what gold investments can do for you in the stock market; there are lots of other ways to benefit from such a safe haven investment.

The main challenge for investors is starting to invest in gold bonds. There’s a lot to know before you can decide that an investment in gold is the best idea for you. This article will guide you on how to invest in gold safely and enjoy its full benefits in your investment portfolio.

Ways To Invest in Gold 

Investing in gold and gold bullions can mean a lot to your financial future. However, you need to make informed investment decisions to get the desired results. For instance, you should decide on the best way to invest in the gold industry. Here are seven main ways to become a gold investor.

Gold ETFs (Futures, Options, Certificates) 

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are one of the ways to go if you don’t want to invest in physical gold. With ETFs, you sign a gold futures contract that’s assigned to a certain amount of gold or receive gold certificates. You do not own any physical gold. If you request your gold, you will get it in paper money of equivalent value.

Gold Bars 

Gold bars are excellent physical gold investments. Bars come in various sizes and prices, which gives you the flexibility you need. All you need to invest in gold bars is to find a reliable dealer like Acre. Such a dealer will make your gold exchange and investment journey more manageable and rewarding.

Gold Coins or Bullion 

One-ounce gold coins or gold bullion coins are among the most expensive investment options on this list. Collectible coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf or American Gold Eagle are also available. They contain a lot of pure gold, which makes them more valuable. They may not be a perfect pick for a new investor with a meager budget. However, their demand is high, making them worthwhile.


One of gold’s most important uses is making gold jewelry. Chains, rings, and necklaces made from gold are usually costly. Many people save their money by purchasing jewelry made from gold. They are highly liquid should you want to turn them into cash, but it is important to have the proper storage to keep your gold content safe.


You can also choose to invest in shares of gold mining companies. Like ETFs, you won’t be owning physical gold when investing in gold mining stocks. That means you’ll have little control over your investment from a gold miner, leading to uncertainty. Various external factors determine the profitability of any company’s shares.

Digital Gold 

The digital gold option has come as a result of the emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You can now digitally invest in gold from your smartphone. You can find a gold company that supports such investments to get started. However, this is still a growing field that could change in the future.

Why Should You Invest in Gold? 

Gold has been a worthy investment for years. It’s also common to see gold passed from parents to their children, a practice that’s existed for generations. Additionally, the value of gold has consistently gone up over the years. That’s why it has been trusted for financial security for many decades.

So, is an ounce of gold a worthwhile investment in modern times?

Well, as mentioned before, the spot price of gold and the value of gold continue to increase. That means it remains a perfect way to invest your money. You can use it to protect your savings and wealth from harsh economic times. This article has already explored the best ways to invest in gold.

In short, investing in gold in modern times is a good idea. All you need to do is ensure that you invest wisely. That way, you’ll quickly diversify your portfolio and adjust your financial risk level. In the end, you’ll get to enjoy the full benefits that an investment in gold can bring.

How To Buy Gold 

If you are ready to buy gold, start thinking about the kind of investment you want to make. Is it a short or long-term investment? That way, you’ll decide the best way to invest in this industry. You should also assess the risk level of the gold type you want to purchase.

For instance, you may not control some of the factors that affect the value of gold shares. Production cost is an excellent example. Thus, this may not be a perfect investment for you. Another example is EFTs, which do not allow you to own physical gold. This comes with its risks, so research and make informed decisions.

Where To Buy Gold 

Gold is available in almost every part of the world today, including the Americas. You, therefore, only need to find the nearest market to your location. It also has to be a market with reputable sellers; otherwise, you risk losing your money to scammers if you don’t research well. It is also best to have your gold minted by a popular minter, like the Canadian Mint.

The safest way to buy gold remains the conventional method of stalking pawn shops and estate sales. This way, you get to interact with sellers and handle the gold before buying it. In doing so, you reduce the risk of getting scammed by fake gold dealers disguised as reputable dealers.

Can You Buy Gold Online? 

Yes. Technology has made buying gold easy and efficient. You can purchase gold virtually from the comfort of your home. There are various dealers with websites through which you can buy gold. However, you need to be aware of scammers when buying gold from such websites.

However, you can find reputable dealers like Acre with little research. Once you find the right dealer, your investment journey will be smooth. The vendor will break down your investments by providing hold bars of different sizes and allowing you to make flexible payments.

How Is Investment Gold Taxed? 

You also focus on more than owning gold. It is vital to think about how you can invest in tax-efficient gold. Tax-efficient gold makes it easier to enjoy more value for your money. So, consider the type of investment gold that will get you the desired returns.

Different jurisdictions have their taxation rules for investment gold. The European Union, for instance, has marked investment gold as VAT-free. In the United States, every state has its taxation rules on investment gold. Some states have very favorable corporate taxes for gold.

Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea? 

As mentioned earlier, investing in gold is a great idea. We have already discussed why you should invest in gold today. One of the most outstanding reasons to do it is because of the ever-increasing value of gold. Whether investing for the short or long term, you can never go wrong with it.

It is also a good investment because of its liquidity. You can convert it to money at any time with a high chance of making profits. If you are looking for a solution to help you protect your savings, gold is a perfect pick. All you need to do is make informed investment decisions.

What’s the Best Time To Invest in Gold? 

Timing is a critical factor when making investments. As a potential gold investor, you could be thinking about the right time to invest in gold. Gold is volatile, and like any other investment, it is unpredictable. This means you can never be sure of what’s to come.

The best way to avoid losing all you’ve got is to minimize your entry risk. For instance, you can do this by following the capital accumulation plan. This means that you put your money into the market periodically. Most reputable vendors can allow you to invest with this much safer technique.

Is Investment Gold Profitable? 

Gold is volatile; thus, its price can go up or down without notice. This is a factor that you must keep in mind while looking to invest in the gold industry. That way, you’ll know the best time to invest in gold and when to dispose of it and make profits.

However, the volatility of gold doesn’t mean that it isn’t profitable. Gold is always high in demand across the world. That means you can make money anytime if you have gold in your safe. The growing demand for electronic devices will see gold become even more profitable in the future.

Start Investing With Acre 

Gold bar dealers like Acre make owning gold more affordable and convenient. Selling gold bars in smaller and more affordable sizes cuts down prices, allowing everyday people to become gold investors and create a financial safety net for their future.

Acre’s $50 and $100 monthly subscriptions make it easy to buy beautiful gold bars from the comfort of home. Our 2.5g, 5g, 10g gold bars are a great long-term investment that retains its value over time. We’ll ship directly to you when you buy with Acre, so your investment is in your hands.

Visit Acre Gold now and start investing in gold today.


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