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What Is the Best Gold to Buy: A Look Into Different Types

What Is the Best Gold to Buy: A Look Into Different Types

An investment in premium gold is an excellent idea, especially if you love precious metals and what to explore them as an asset for your portfolio. When you think about it, the question of the type of gold to invest in probably crosses your mind. Well, that's the question every other investor thinks about before entering the gold market.

The various types of gold available today have complicated investment decision-making and sound gold purchases for investors and collectors. There are differences in colors, shapes, and karats. However, what you'd rightly say matters among these factors is the form of the gold you want to invest in.

Form affects spot price, which is why it's essential to consider when choosing a gold type. This article will help you learn the various types of investment gold with form in mind. It will further help you decide what's best to help you make informed investment decisions.

Let's get started.

Four Major Types Of Investment Gold 

Deciding what type of gold to invest in can be daunting, as said before. But then, it cannot be a significant issue if you know what every type looks like. In this section, we take an in-depth look at the various types of gold for investment. Read on.

Gold Coins 

Gold coins are common, and you have probably heard of them before. They have stunning looks and take longer to design before being ready for the market. Gold coins are also among the most liquid investment-grade types of gold available around the world.

That means you can convert them into cash almost anywhere in the world. Coins have high market demand, occasioned by the looks and liquidity repute among gold lovers. But then, gold coins are also top the list of the most expensive gold types in the global market.

Of course, the high price of gold coins results from the work done to produce them. You pay for not only the gold coin but also the skill, effort, and time spent to make it. Thankfully, you'll never go wrong with them, thanks to their beauty, high quality, purity, and liquidity. Pure gold often comes in the form of coins.

Gold Bars 

Gold bars are the most common gold investments across the world. As mentioned before, gold coins are relatively pricy; mainly, only established gold investors afford them. Thus, there had to be an alternative for new investors and those that aren't willing to invest massive amounts.

This type of investment gold is a perfect pick for anyone in either category. For new investors, gold bars provide them with financial flexibility. They come in various sizes-small, medium, and large, giving investors the freedom to choose what fits their budget. Gold bullion bars, for example, are made of gold refined to the highest purity.

Reputable gold bar dealers like Acre have designed their services to provide the desired flexibility. You no longer need to break the bank to invest in gold bars. Even if you invest in a small bar, such dealers allow you to pay a monthly fee and receive your gold after clearing.

Gold Rounds 

There are very slight differences between gold coins and rounds. Gold coins have face value like sovereign coins, which is not the case with gold rounds. Another difference is that private firms manufacture gold rounds while gold bullion coins come from government mints.

Away from their differences, gold rounds are also great investments to consider. They come at lower premiums than gold coins, making them better for small investors. But then, gold rounds can also come at high prices, almost like coins depending on their purity levels.

Before purchasing gold rounds, remember that the mint that manufactures them matters. The fact that they come from private mints brings the purity and quality questions. Buying from a reputable dealer makes gold rounds easier to sell because of high quality and purity.

Gold Stocks

You can also look beyond investing in physical gold. Gold stocks are another excellent way to be an investor in the gold industry. Like the common stocks, you do not own any gold when investing in gold stocks; instead, you invest in the mining and manufacturing company.

To put it clearly, you won't at any point own the gold when investing in gold stocks. You are an investor in gold stocks, and you'll face the same risks investors in common stocks face. But then, it is advisable to start by investing in real gold before you think about owning company shares.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Gold Type 

So, now you know the types of gold that exist. How do you decide the kind of gold to invest in? Well, various factors should inform your investment decisions. Let's look at the three main factors to consider before choosing an investment gold type.


This factor applies from when you're acquiring gold to the time of selling it. The first factor to consider is how easily you can find the type of gold you want. Even if you can find it effortlessly, the other vital factors are the quality and purity of the gold.

Convenience also plays a massive role when looking to dispose of gold coins, bars, or rounds. It can be stressful to find a dealer who bids realistic figures. Some potential buyers will want to take advantage of you and bid too low. You'll find it easier if your dealer has a buy-back policy.

Thus, it would be best if you researched various gold dealers before deciding where to buy. They have to be reputable and reliable dealers who'll sell you the best gold. Besides, they should guarantee you that they'll be there to buy the gold at the best price should you want to sell it. 


Another significant factor is the cost of gold. As you've seen in earlier sections, gold coins are pricier than other types of gold. Thus, you need a bigger budget to acquire them. Those who can afford gold coins love them because they are more portable than standard gold bars.

Most new and inexperienced investors prefer gold bars. They are relatively cheaper and still as liquid as gold bars. As mentioned before, there's higher flexibility that comes with investing in gold bars. You only need to find a reputable dealer who will allow you to accumulate gold slowly

The point is to invest without financial strain. The flexibility that comes with accumulating gold over time makes this possible. If you want to invest smaller amounts, gold bar dealers allow you to invest in small-sized bars that won't cost you huge sums of money.

Market Seasons

You can also consider seasons when choosing an investment gold type. Like other products, there are certain times of the year to consider investing in gold. But then, the best time also differs from one kind of gold to another, making seasons worth keeping in mind.

Besides, these market seasons will differ from one location to another. Thus, the best thing is to research when gold prices are at their lowest in your region. That's the best time to invest as much as possible. Then, the best time to sell gold is when prices go up.

You can also take advantage of some economic situations that lower gold prices. For instance, the pandemic's peak was an excellent time for investors to enter the gold market. Such crises give you the chance to accumulate as much gold as you can before prices hit new highs again.

What Is the Best Gold to Buy? 

Now, the main question for many people is the type of gold to buy. After reading to this end, you probably already know that gold bars are a perfect pick. We would recommend them to you if you are stuck with deciding the best type of gold to help you reach your investment goals. Buying gold to make jewelry is not the same as buying gold for your portfolio. 

Gold bars are perfect for many reasons including, flexibility and convenience. As discussed before, you can buy gold bars of any size and weight. The varying sizes and weights allow you to decide how much you would like to invest as a beginner.

Besides, you won't have challenges selling your gold bars. Gold generally has almost similar liquidity, so the type may not be a significant issue. But then, it is advisable to work with a reliable dealer as they will make reselling your gold seamless and more rewarding.


Deciding the best gold to buy won't be an issue now that you have insights. Now you will not make costly investment mistakes that many new investors make. Your investment journey will be better, and you will easily reach your goals if you follow the tips shared herein.

This article has looked into everything you need to know about gold types. It has explored the main types of gold available in the market today. In addition, it has also looked into some of the factors that will help you choose the best kind of gold for your investment needs.

Keeping these tips in mind will simplify your decision-making process. As said earlier, it will help you make more informed investment decisions. You'll not only buy the correct type of gold but also from the right dealers. Feel free to ask us any questions if you get stuck.



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