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Physical Assets To Invest In: 10 Examples

Physical Assets To Invest In: 10 Examples

People invest their money in physical and financial assets for various reasons. Some because they want to grow their money, for retirement, build savings, etc. One of the decisions to make before investing is if you wish to put your money in financial or physical assets.

So far, physical assets have proven to be the best pick of the two. But as an investor, you should put your money in a valuable and return-generating asset. That's why you also need to research and decide the kind of physical assets that will generate the returns you desire.

This article will provide a list of examples of physical assets that you can consider. It will simplify your search for a physical asset and help you make informed investment decisions. Read on to find out what physical assets are worth your money and effort today.

Let's dive into it.

What Are Physical Assets? 

As mentioned before, there are two broad categories of assets; physical and financial. It is vital to differentiate them before you decide what's worth your money. Since this article focuses on physical assets, we will briefly define what they are before looking at examples.

Physical assets are items with material existence that have commercial, economic, and exchange value. Another word that best describes them is tangible assets, and the broad categories of physical assets include properties, equipment, and inventory.

People invest in physical assets because they can see and touch them. This brings a sense of security to the investor. Another main reason is that physical assets are easy to liquidate and use to pay debts. They can be life-saving whenever there's an emergency.

Physical Assets You Can Invest In Today 

There are various types of physical assets that you can buy. Your choice of investment depends on personal needs and preferences. It also depends on how much you're looking to invest. But then, the search for the best physical assets for investment can be challenging.

You can make it less daunting and more rewarding by considering the physical assets in this article. Keep reading to know the best physical assets for investment.


Top on the list of the best physical assets to invest in is gold. There's no question that gold has been an attractive investment for many years. It has helped individuals and even governments survive economic turmoil in the past. And, it has proved to be the best for diversifying portfolios.

You can invest in gold jewelry, coins, or bars sold by dealers like Acre. All you need to do is understand the merits and demerits of each of them. Once you decide what will best fit your needs, you can choose where to buy. Invest your time into research to avoid getting scammed.

Vacation Homes 

Another investment you can consider is building vacation homes. People want to take breaks from their busy schedules and unwind at various vacation destinations. You can identify a vacation destination with a gap in homes and accommodation and set vacation homes there.

This is a profitable venture that can bring money all year long. You can rent these homes out during off-seasons and make money from them. But then, it is advisable to identify the most popular vacation destinations—the more popular the destination, the higher the returns.

Rental Properties 

Still, in the real estate industry, you can consider rental properties. This can be an excellent investment because it can also generate income for the entire year. Interestingly, you can also change the rental property to your home or use it for personal purposes at any time.

Also, rental properties are not only good for income generation. They are a perfect investment whose value can also appreciate with time. All you need to do is to maintain them and renovate them to increase their value with time. This makes it easy to liquidate such property at any time.


Oil is another perfect tangible asset for investment. People often refer to it as black gold, not for any other reason but its high value. The global economy runs on this asset, and that should tell you how important it is. That's why you'll never go wrong with investing wisely in physical gold.

It's also worth mentioning that the price of oil depends on its market demand and supply. But then, it is a worthwhile long-term investment for people who can wait. However, it may not be an attractive option for starters because of the massive investment amount it requires.


Your first thought when you see automobiles on this list is that they depreciate. Well, that's no secret; cars will be worth a lot less than their initial cost for every year you own them. This makes them not fit for anyone looking to invest with the hope of getting good returns for their money and time.

This is different when talking about classic and vintage automobiles. All you need to do is check the scarcity, desirability, age, and car brand. Classic cars like the 1957 Ferrari 410 Superamerica SIII and 1967 Volkswagen Beetle are examples of suitable potential investments.


You can also consider an investment in copper. This asset has a wide range of industrial uses that makes it an excellent pick for an investor. For instance, it's perfect for making cooling systems for home and commercial use. Its value appreciates when the economy is booming.

You can invest in copper bullion bars or copper coins. All you need to do is understand the benefits of investing in either before deciding what will be best for your needs. This precious metal is also easy to liquidate, which makes it an excellent investment.


This can be an attractive venture for you if you love it as a hobby. This is because rearing livestock can be daunting because they require a lot of attention. It can be a tricky option for you if you don't have an interest in livestock rearing or can't make it your hobby.

You need to have enough resources like farmland to consider livestock rearing. Also, you'll need to consider different kinds of livestock and choose what's best for you. For instance, you can consider chicken and bees, which are among the most productive investments today.

Livestock may seem like an unusual investment. But then, you can earn a lot of income from it, which makes it worth considering. However, it's easier to invest in this field when you know its dynamics and have a ready market for the products you get from your farm.


Another luxury item that can be a perfect investment is silver. Unlike copper, silver has a lot in common with gold. It is an ideal investment for a wide range of reasons. That's why it is among the most popular tangible assets that people across the globe are considering today.

Silver beats gold when it comes to its applications. It has a few more practical uses, which makes it have a better demand in the market. Besides, it isn't as costly as gold, which makes many people consider it when looking for tangible investments that are cost-effective.


Gemstones are also worthwhile investments, but they aren't for everyone. They are perfect for anyone who loves fins stones. The good news is that gemstones have for many years appreciated. This makes them suitable for wealth creation and savings.

The good news is that gemstones do not lose value like paper money. You can therefore use them to store value because of their reliability. Besides, their compact size and portable nature make them easy to store. You can also travel with them anywhere without attracting attention.

In short, these jewels can be a perfect investment, but you need to think if they fit your needs. An ideal investment should be an asset that you enjoy keeping. If you don't like the idea of small gemstones lying in your house, you may consider other options like gold, mainly bars sold by dealers like Acre.


Those are the best examples of physical assets that can be profitable investments. Now all you need to do is decide which from this list meets your needs and preferences. But then, you won't go wrong with any of them if you invest well and manage your investment correctly.

For instance, investment in gold is an excellent idea. But you'll need to decide where to put your money. For physical gold, you have three main options, gold bars, coins, and jewelry. The aim should be to invest in what you can afford and also get good returns for your investment.

But then you also need to be careful when investing in gold or any physical asset. It can be easy to lose your investment to scammers if you don't do proper background checks. 

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